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Is this Gold, Pyrite, or Chalocopyrite or other?

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My husband and I have a significant amount of land, North of Atlanta, which supports several streams and a river. We have began development near the river, where we have found several different types of rocks that appear to be Gold and Silver. Being aware of "fools gold", we researched online Gold and Pyrite to begin the process of elimination. The rocks streaks varies from yellows,reds, silvery green, yellow bronze, blacks and gray green, they are soft,heavy, you poke them with pins w/o breaking them, indent most them with your fingernail, scrape them with steel, you can smear some of the smaller ones between your fingers leaving bright yellow dust and flakes, and apparently torch them (yes, the husband torched them). We know that they are not solid Gold, from crushing them, which is the confusing part. When you crush them, you get many different combinations from yellow flakes, silver flakes, silver/yellow smears, greenish powders, black granulates, and/or silver or gold fine bars. Some of them have tarnished reddish brown also. Is this Gold, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite,or other? What test can determine the difference, besides Aqua Regia? The Silver rocks are also in question, they are shiny, soft, very heavy, streak grey, and have many shapes. Please refer to pics 1- Gold 2- Silver Thanks...Gold RocksSilver Rocks

asked Oct 22, 2012 by luvbug tq (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Hi, Can you please attach some good quality photos so we can take a look?

answered Oct 24, 2012 by hershel (46,460 points)

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