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A few more minerals to identify

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Good day.  I posted once before, now I have a few more minerals to identify.  Here it goes:

This one I believe is Staurolite.  It looks like there is a spelling error on the tag.  I am 95% sure it is Staurolite.  Correct?

This second one... The tag looks like it says glaucochroite, but I can't find any pictures that seem to warrant the name.  Unless I am not looking at the right thing?  

Again, this reads amagmite, or amazmite.  Could it be amazonite?  It has a bluish look to it (too bad I can't photograph it well enough to show it).


Are there any tips that I could have to take better pictures?  Should I be taking them outside in natural light?

asked May 23 by Hickoryduff (140 points)

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